Rev. “Paul” Balabaskaran Appadurai is a dynamic Pentecostal evangelist whose anointed preaching and teaching has drawn multitudes to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ over the years.    He was born and raised as a Hindu in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.  When he and his family migrated to Canada, through a series of life changing events, he was saved on November 8, 1998 and miraculously healed from various sicknesses by the Lord Jesus Christ.  He was later baptized with the Holy Spirit and called into Ministry soon after.  He now lives in Toronto, Canada, from where The Crossway Ministries operates from.

He has travelled to India, Srilanka, Australia, Malaysia and other countries to preach the good news of the Gospel for the last fifteen years, to both believers and non-believers alike.

Starting 2015, the Lord opened the doors to preach the gospel through Television.  The program, which is half hour in length, is now airing, through secular and Christian television networks, in parts of India and Sri Lanka, Canada, parts of Europe, Africa and Middle-east.  It is also available through YouTube and Vimeo.   In this program, Rev. Paul Balabaskaran, brings the revelation of the Message of the Cross, in Tamil, as to how the Christian believer can live a victorious Christian life. This program focuses on the subject matter such as the Faith, the sin nature, the Cross of Christ and the Holy Spirit.

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